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Total Science - Extra Curricular

Total Science - Extra Curricular (Advance//d, 2001)

As I mentioned yesterday, Mikey Dread got his big break hosting the Dread At The Controls radio show on JBC in 1976. While an engineer for the station he noticed that they didn't broadcast from midnight till 4:30 AM and persuaded his bosses to let him fill this space, as he revealed in this interview: "I asked Ossie and Mr Linton why the Radio signed off at midnight. They said nobody listened to the radio after midnight - but after some brief pleading on my part - they said ‘ye’." The show, playing strictly reggae, went on to be a great success, with Mikey collecting the Radio Personality of the Year award in 1977-78, but despite this he was marginalised by the station's conservative owners and left in 1979.

However in this time he pioneered a style of DJing that became the template for many others. He didn't actually speak on the show, instead using a number of jingles and this is where vocals such as "You make me feel so good" and "Brand new... good for you" first appeared. Initially the jingles came from sci-fi effects albums and comedy LPs but he later produced them himself, bringing in people to record them. The jingles were subsequently used on some of his tracks, such as the two above which appear during the intro to 'Comic Book'.

"Brand new... good for you" is sampled on Total Science's 'Extra Curricular', the flipside of 'Jet Set' which I looked at a while back. This 12" was the first release on their Advance//d imprint, established in 2001 as a sublabel of C.I.A., it's name stemming from the previous year's Advance LP. It's another impeccably produced old skool revival track with an intro featuring vintage sci-fi style bleeps and tightly edited drums that are treated to some nice pitchshifting before a 'Funky Mule' based break is deployed. The vocal sample brings in ravey synth stabs and a booming bassline making for a great track from the duo who, much like DJ Zinc, always keep the quality control level high.

'Extra Curricular' was included on their Audio Works 06 compilation and you can hear it below in Nolige's All Digital, Spirit & Total Science Mix Part 3:

Nolige - All Digital, Spirit & Total Science Mix [Part 3] [01.09.12] by Noligeuk on Mixcloud

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