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The Ganja Kru - Tiger Style

The Ganja Kru - Tiger Style (Ganja Records, 1994)

Yesterday I asked if anyone knew which sound clash the vocals in Krome & Time's 'Ganja Man' came from and thanks to Dave.S and DJ Hype himself I now know that it's from a Youthman Promotions sound clash from 1985. Hype gave Krome & Time the sound clash cassette and they originally created the track as a special for him to play at Jungle Fever. It's a particularly appropriate track for Hype as from 1994 to 1996 he ran Ganja Records, a label that put out many classic jungle tracks before going into hibernation, not returning until 2003.

'Tiger Style' was released on Ganja Records Volume 4 under The Ganja Kru name, the first use of an alias that would later be adopted for Hype's collective with Pascal and Zinc. It's a great track that starts off with a sample from the beginning of the Wu-Tang Clan's 'Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthing Ta F' Wit', which itself uses a "Tiger Style" vocal taken from the English dub of Executioners from Shaolin, a classic Shaw Brothers Kung Fu movie (hear it in it's original context here). Over this Hype brings in the Soul Pride break before the track moves on to some heavyweight bass action with sung vocals, computer game sound effects and a reversed sound that resembles the swishing of a sword. It also uses another Wu-Tang sample, this time a vocal from GZA on 'Clan In Da Front': "Hoods on the right / Wild for the night / Punks in the back", although it was probably taken from the beginning of 'Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber Part II' where the vocal is reused but appears clean.

Hype drafted in Krome & Time to remix 'Tiger Style' for Remixes Volume 2 and they bring their trademark sound to the tune with some heavy Amen and additional sound clash vocals, packing what sounds like several tracks into one. Check it out below:

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