Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The 45 Roller - Killer Bee

The 45 Roller - Killer Bee (Ebony Recordings, 1996)

The 45 Roller was an alias of Shy FX which he first used on this 12" for his own Ebony Recordings imprint. He'd started the label the previous year after leaving SOUR and this track was just one of a barrage of cuts he put out on Ebony in '96, culminating in The Formula LP, a label showcase that also featured T.Power and Potential Bad Boy.

'Killer Bee' is another track that took inspiration from the Wu-Tang Clan, sampling Ol' Dirty Bastard's classic 'Shimmy Shimmy Ya'. While most Drum & Bass tracks just sample vocals from the Wu, 'Killer Bee' also makes use of the tune's insistent piano riff during its beatless intro, overlaying the sound of a swarm of bees. ODB's 'Killer Bee' vocal then brings in a eighties boogie style bassline with drums using the Apache and Amen breaks. It was a style of bassline that he used on a lot of his tracks around this time with other examples being 'Wolf' and 'Gangsta Boogie' (another addition to his Gangsta Kid series), both from The Formula LP. That album also contained a more chilled remix of 'Killer Bee' from T.Power which really makes the boogie influence clear, although it possibly reminds me of the Seinfeld theme tune a bit too much. Check it out below:

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