Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Swift & Zinc - Rockin' With The Best

Swift & Zinc - Rockin' With The Best (Brain Progression, 1994)

Before DJ Zinc linked up with Hype and Pascal he was part of this duo with Swift AKA Trevor Burns (not to be confused with Mampi Swift). The pair put out eight 12"s for Bizzy B's Brain Progression label from 1993 to 1995 with a few more releases on other labels such as Sophisticated Undergrounds Sounds and Suburban Base (as Pure). They also had shows on a number of London pirate stations including Eruption 101.3, Impact 88.2 and Format 93.2. Swift seems to have disappeared from the scene after this except for a one-off appearance as Frequency for a 12" with Zinc on Frontline in 1999.

I'm coming full circle here as this series of posts began with Zinc's 'Feel' with its brief 'La-Di-Da-Di' sample and this track samples The Real Roxanne's 'Bang Zoom (Let's Go-Go)', both of which featured on yesterday's track, 'Orange' by DJ SS. The track opens with a loop of the "Yes, you are now rocking with the best" vocal with a stretched out "Hit me!" also appearing. The drop brings in a heavy Amen break treated to plenty of timestretching with a speaker rattling modulated bassline and female "Yeah, Yeah" vocals. Slamming.

Another track worth mentioning with an identical title comes from The JB on Back 2 Basics in 1996 (who also sampled 'La-Di-Da-Di' on 'As We Go'). It opens with almost the entirety of The Real Roxanne's introductory vocals from 'Bang Zoom' before bringing in a fast paced bassline with drums using the Think, Hot Pants and Sesame Street breaks. Check it out below:

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