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Krome & Time - Ganja Man

Krome & Time - Ganja Man (Tearin Vinyl, 1994)

DJ Krome & Mr Time are Bernard Simon and Terry Holt and they first appeared on the scene in 1988 on Fantasy FM - check out this show from 1989. Their first productions were released in 1991 with 'The Rush' (as Kromozone) on Suburban Base and 'Unity / Fireball' (as Timebase feat. Kromozone) on Boogie Times. They followed these with the massive rave anthems 'This Sound Is For The Underground' (1992) and 'The Slammer' (1993) and also became sought after for their remixing skills. In 1994 they made the jump to jungle, setting up their own Tearin Vinyl label and releasing tunes such as 'Ganja Man'.

Last week I looked at 'The Slammer' and a comparison of these two tracks makes the differences between hardcore and jungle clear - while both tunes use the Amen break and feature "Ganja Man" vocals, the later track is devoid of the piano, chipmunk vocals and synth stabs that had previously been front and centre. In their place is a focus on the rumble of the sub bass and the chopping and timestretching of the Amen, something Krome & Time prove themselves to be masters at. Ragga was also a bigger influence on jungle and 'Ganja Man' puts a greater emphasis on the sound clash vocals which appear frequently throughout: "Yuh now say nuff ganja man inna de place, you know. Ah ganja every one innah deh hand and I know dat. Hold up yuh hand if you a ganja man... Yeah!" (if anyone knows where these are from please get in contact). A jungle classic that was remixed to great effect by DJ Hype the following year.

You can purchase the digital of 'Ganja Man' over at Bandcamp, while the Hype mix is available at Krome & Time still DJ and the set below from May last year starts off with hardcore before moving on to jungle, finishing with a 2011 remix of 'Ganja Man' from Jaydan:

Krome & Time @ Bristol Dub Club - 4th May 2012 by Neverlution Soundsystem on Mixcloud

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