Sunday, 19 May 2013

Glamour Gold - The Only One

Glamour Gold - The Only One (Rap Records/Philly Blunt, 1997)

I'm not normally a fan of R'n'B flavoured Drum & Bass but when Krust turns his hand to the style the results are hard to ignore. Remarc played 'The Only One' on Kool FM last Sunday and it's been stuck in my head ever since so I just had to take a look at it today. The story behind this one is that it should have been the tenth release on Philly Blunt but was pulled due to sample clearance issues. It later appeared anonymously as Rap Records' only release with the PB part of the runout etching scratched out and replaced with a faint RAP one. It used to fetch insane prices on eBay (over £100) but these days is a bit more affordable.

Glamour Gold was Krust's alias for releases on Philly Blunt and on 'The Only One' he takes a hefty chunk of Case's 'Touch Me, Tease Me' which features Foxy Brown and Mary J. Blige and appeared on the soundtrack to The Nutty Professor. Krust samples the keys, guitar and those distinctive crashing drum hits from the track along with Case's vocals: "You're the only one for me / You're the only one I need / Can't nobody make me feel / The way you're making me feel, feel, feel, feel...". He places these over drums that gradually build up, starting off with the Sesame Street break and then adding the Scorpio and Hot Pants breaks. The main body of the track has a fat jump-up bassline while various sounds such as horn stabs pop up throughout. One for the ladies.

Hear it below in this Bristol Drum & Bass mix from True Thoughts' Hint:

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