Sunday, 12 May 2013

Freestyles - Attack

Freestyles - Attack (True Playaz, 1997)

After looking at DJ Zinc's side of this 12" the other day I thought it only fair to also write about DJ Hype's track on the flip. As well as sharing the Freestyles name the two tracks are linked by their sampling of the intro to Run DMC's 'Here We Go', albeit different parts - 'Feel' uses "And it goes a little something..." whereas 'Attack' features the "How y'all feel out there?" line during the intro and throughout. Like 'Feel' the track takes it title from another sample though, this time The One Armed Swordsmen, a 1976 martial arts film directed by and starring David Chiang and Yu Wang:

"To attack without knowing the enemy's strength is foolish. After being warned, to still attack is stupid. Strangely though, one does find people who are that stupid." (Hear it in it's original context here).

Hype pitches the vocal down and crafts a dark and sinister track around it, with an intro featuring haunting synths before the drop brings in a bassline that sounds like laser gun sound effects paired with drums that use a few hits from the Amen break alongside the Hot Pants break and electronic hand claps. Hype of course wasn't a stranger to martial arts samples with tracks such as the Wu-Tang influenced 'You Must Think First' and 'Tiger Style' already in his catalogue but I've always rather liked this sample as it's more original and makes the track particularly memorable.

You can purchase the digital of 'Attack' over at Beatport, Drum&BassArena and Juno Download.

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