Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Fellowship - Muthafunker

Fellowship - Muthafunker (Audio Couture, 1999)

With today being the first of May and the sun shining again I'm going to take a look at this funky number that always gives me that spring has sprung feeling. Fellowship was Darren Hickey, a producer whose earliest material dates back to the early nineties when he ran the hardcore label Hilltop Records with brother Jeff, who he also recorded with as Rise Productions, as well as being one of Mega City 2. He then went on to set up Juice Records in 1995 and produce hardstepping tunes such as 'Baad Boy Sound' and 'Hard Disk' with Daz Ellis as M.T.S. (Menaces To Society). It was on the Juice sublabel Xpressive that Hickey first introduced his jazzier Fellowship alias in 1996, going on to put out releases on Creative Source, Moving Shadow and Defunked amongst others.

'Muthafunker' came out on Moving Shadow sublabel Audio Couture, who put out a varied selection of releases between 1997 and 2000 with everything from techstep to jazzstep making an appearance - check El Hornet's Audio Couture Mix for a summary. It's a musically advanced track with several layers that gradually build up, opening with fender rhodes and then adding horn stabs, wah wah guitar, live bass, and strings before eventually dropping a dirty organ riff for a bassline. While it's perfect for chilling to on a summer's day it works on the dancefloor as well and at the second drop Hickey beefs up the drums with the Cold Sweat break to really get things going. A stunning tune that never fails to put a smile on my face and make life seem that much better.

Check it out below in the summery Sounds Of Drum'n'Bass mix by DJ Patife from 1999:

DJ Patife - Sounds of Drum'n'Bass by John_Omally on Mixcloud

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