Monday, 27 May 2013

Ed Rush, Trace & Nico - Mad Different Methods

Ed Rush, Trace & Nico - Mad Different Methods (Nu Black, 1996)

It wasn't just jump-up and jungle tunes like yesterday's 'Tiger Style' that sampled the Wu-Tang Clan, as their vocals also appeared on several techstep tracks. Ed Rush and company had a history of sampling hip-hop with tracks such as 'Guncheck' and 'Gangsta Hardstep' already in the No U-Turn catalogue. While Wu-Tang vocals in most jungle records were there to add an extra level of energy, on 'Mad Different Methods' they are pitched down to add to the sludge of the blunted production.

Vocals from two skits that appear on the Wu-Tang Clan's debut Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) LP are used throughout the track, the first being Ghostface Killah in the intro to 'Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber' saying something along the lines of "Word is bond, I'm waitin to fuckin late, I'm ready to get busy, what's up...". This is immediately followed by a sample of Method Man from the skit at the end of 'Can It Be All So Simple': "It's like mad different methods to the way I do my shit". The trio back the vocals with distorted Reese bass and beat switching between 'The Flow' and 'Life Could' breaks, while an ominous sci-fi style drone runs for most of the track's length. I particularly like the brief section around the four minute mark when the drums are made to sound as if they coming from another room. One thing that made No U-Turn records so unique was the final mix down which involved a track being recorded while Nico added live 'dubbing' from the desk, a process that resulted in changes to the sound occurring throughout the track. Truly "mad different methods".

Listen to these snippets of the unreleased Distortion Mix of the track below and check out the rest of Nico's Soundcloud page which features a wealth of unheard material.

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