Tuesday, 7 May 2013

DJ Krust - Soul In Motion

DJ Krust - Soul In Motion (Full Cycle, 1997)

With the weather remaining hot today I've been listening to Masters At Work's classic Nuyorican Soul LP for some summery vibes. It reminded me that this album is the source for the brief effects-laden vocal on DJ Krust's epic 'Soul In Motion', which is taken from the beginning of 'Nautilus (Mawtilus)', a cover version of the much sampled Bob James track. This vocal also appears on the album's intro and I think says "Nuyorican Soul Motion". I don't imagine Full Cycle would have had too many problems clearing it as Nuyorican Soul came out on Gilles Peterson's Talkin' Loud label who had just released the Reprazent album and would later put out Krust's Coded Language LP.

'Soul In Motion' would have fit right in on that album and continued Krust's move away from producing jump-up material to a deeper sound that he'd started with releases such as the Genetic Manipulation EP and 'Maintain' on the V Classic LP. In an interview with DJ Mag in April '96 Krust said:

"Me personally, I don't give a shit about sounds. Making a record for me, the sounds are there just to catch your attention and give it character but the main background is definitely the drum and the bass, anything I put around that is a bonus."

His approach to production couldn't be more obvious than on this track which over its near ten minute length features drums, bass, some strange effects and little else. The oppressive atmosphere of the intro gives way to a rigid two-step break and buzzing bassline which form the backbone of the track, around which metallic bass and bleeps zip around. It sounds cold and alien but with a human edge to it and is a demonstration in how much you can do with just a few elements. A track that is amongst Krust's finest moments and one that still packs a punch today as you can hear on Doc Scott's recent podcast for Narratives Music:

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