Friday, 3 May 2013

DJ Kane - Konga

DJ Kane - Konga (Undiluted Recordings, 2000)

If you caught yesterday's post about Splash's 'Babylon' and listened to one of its sample sources, 'Can't Stop' by Plez, you may have noticed that this track has been sampled in quite a few Drum & Bass tunes. One of these is DJ Kane's 'Konga', released on the Undiluted Recordings label run by Brockie, who along with Ed Solo provides some additional production on the track.

DJ Kane has always shown great versatility, being equally capable of making jump-up tunes for labels such as Trouble On Vinyl and Joker as he is producing material that has a darker edge for the likes of No U-Turn and Renegade Hardware. Here he mixes the two styles for a track that is ominous but with a swing to it that will get your hips moving. It samples a later part of the intro to 'Can't Stop' than 'Babylon' does, opening with its foreboding horn-like synths and insistent knocking drums, the latter of which provide the track's backbone. A sick acidic riff emerges out of the gloom and is accompanied by distorted stabs of bass after the drop, with the drums from 'Can't Stop' still beating you into submission.

After a breakdown with a cool vocal sample ("the memory has value because the memory is part of our imagination, our capacity to confront what really exists") those drums are given an echoed effect and the tune continues to pummel you as nasty splurges of bass becoming more prominent. A superb track that was absolutely hammered around the turn of the century.

Check out this excellent 98-02 set by DJ Kane from NYE 2008 which he recently uploaded to Mixcloud. Also don't forget to tune in to his Kool FM show on Sunday evenings.

Dj Kane Mc's 5 Alive, Joker D & Bassline at EOC/Moondance NYE 31 Dec 2008 98 to 02 set by Dj Kane on Mixcloud

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