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Beastie Boys - Intergalactic (Prisoners Of Technology Remix)

Beastie Boys - Intergalactic (Prisoners Of Technology/TMS 1 Remix) (Grand Royal, 1998)

Beastie Boys have always been known for their broad palate and on 1998's Hello Nasty LP even appeared to be influenced by Drum & Bass (check 'And Me'). They also sought out DnB remixes for some of the album's singles of which this one was the first. 'Intergalactic' was inescapable back in 1998 with the MCA directed video all over MTV and that infectious Rachmaninov by way of Les Baxter beat impossible to ignore.

Prisoners of Technology's TMS 1 turned in a brilliant remix, opening with the robotic "Intergalactic Planetary" vocal with a half speed beat before a sample of the vocodered "Fresh!" from the end of Beside & Fab 5 Freddy's 'Change The Beat' brings things up to speed. The "Well, Now" vocal from the original introduces an insanely catchy bassline that sounds like an elasticated didgeridoo. The track regularly changes pace with some hip-hop/electro style sections and makes sparing use of Beastie Boys' rapped vocals, which only feature during a couple of drop outs (including the "Mmmm... Drop" line that originally appeared on 'The New Style'). In a final burst of energy there's some nice scratching from TMS 1 himself preceded by a live sounding "I want y'all to make some noise for the DJ cos you know he’s bustin' some serious stuff" vocal that's actually a friend of his by the name of MC Prism. The Beasties liked the remix enough to include it on their Video Anthology DVD.

I'd always wondered about the lack of vocals in this remix and in this fascinating interview with TMS 1 from 2003 (including the revelation that Grand Royal offered him a record deal only for it to fall through due to PoT's split) he reveals that there was a full vocal version but Beastie Boys preferred the dub mix he'd made with DJs in mind. According to Norman Cook they were sensitive to the speed of their vocals being played with so this was why they released this mix instead. Fortunately, TMS 1 has uploaded the full vocal version to youtube which you can listen to below:

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