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Asend - New Style

Asend - New Style (Promo Recordings, 1997)

Yesterday, as well as being Star Wars Day, was MCA Day in honour of Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys who passed away from salivary gland cancer on May 4th last year. An inspirational and multi-talented figure, Yauch was the spiritual centre of the Beastie Boys, becoming a Buddhist and setting up the Milarepa Fund in support of Tibetan independence as well as organising the Tibetan Freedom Concerts. He also directed music videos and films, often under the alias Nathanial Hörnblowér, and ran an independent film production and distribution company called Oscilloscope Laboratories. To mark the occasion of his passing a park near his childhood home in Brooklyn has been renamed Adam Yauch Park. I'll be paying tribute with two posts, the second of which is coming tomorrow.

Promo Recordings was an undercover sublabel of Back 2 Basics and put out material that often featured samples they may not have been able to get away with otherwise. This appeared on the AA side of Promo 12 and samples the "It's the new style" line from the Beastie's 'The New Style' which appeared on their debut album Licensed To Ill. It's an uncharacteristically heavy techstep track from Asend who normally made jump-up (such as the DJ Kool sampling track on the flipside) and has two features common to the subgenre - a distorted Reese bassline and the 'Tighten Up' break. I suspect that the vocal sample is a reference to this "new style" of drum & bass that was dominating the scene back in 96/97. After a brief respite during the breakdown the second drop brings a more typical jump-up bassline before the track reverts to the Reese to close things out. 'New Style' also got a remix on Second Movement, another Back 2 Basics sublabel, which you can listen to here.

Check out this quickfire 23 minute mix from Z-Trip which covers the Beastie Boys career from 1986's Licensed To Ill through to Hot Sauce Committee Part 2, their final album in 2011:

Z-Trip Presents All-Access_ A Beastie Boys Megamix (Clean Version) by Guigochocolate on Mixcloud

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