Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Wings - Wings

Wings - Wings (Reinforced, 1997)

Here's part two in a series of posts themed around the Exit Records 10th Birthday night at Fire this Friday - check part one here if you missed it. If you haven't got a ticket for this one yet you'd better move fast as they're nearly sold out. Due to the massive demand for the event Exit Records announced yesterday that there will be an after party from six till midday at Lightbox with dBridge, Marcus Intalex, Skeptical, CMX, Stray and System - head to RA for tickets.

Krust and Die will be playing a Bristol Dubplates set at the event so I thought I'd take a look at this track which thankfully doesn't involve Paul & Linda. Wings was a one-off collaboration between Krust, Die and Roni Size which appeared on the excellent Enforcers: The Beginning Of The End LP on Reinforced. Of course these three weren't strangers to working with each other but outside of Reprazent they rarely all appeared on the same track together so this is a bit special.

They craft an epic track full of suspense which has a movie soundtrack quality to it thanks to the use of dramatic strings and strange effects. In a disorientating and lengthy intro with a sound resembling a helicopter's blades rotating they bring in a sample of a swarm of bees that also appeared in 'Killa Bees' by the Usual Suspects a couple of years later. As that track sampled some dialogue from the The Swarm (which looks like one of the worst movies ever by the way) I'm guessing this may be sampled from that film. Eventually they bring in heavily phased drums and it's past the three minute mark when a slice of deep Bristolian bass is finally dropped, punctuated by occasional guitar licks. At the breakdown a stabbing bassline comes in to cause maximum devastation. Check it out below in this '97 dubplates set by Krust from last year (via breaksblog):

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