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Twisted Minds - Step To My World

Twisted Minds - Step To My World (Kartoons, 1998)

To follow on from my last couple of posts, KRS-One is also sampled in many Drum & Bass records with both his solo and Boogie Down Productions material regularly cropping up. One of the most blatant uses of one of his tracks is 'Step To My World' by Twisted Minds on Kartoons, the jump-up label run by Nicky Blackmarket. The imprint frequently featured cheeky sampling by artists under aliases with other releases coming from the likes of DJ Trend and Ray Keith.

Twisted Minds were DJ Magic and TMS-1 of jump-up maestros Prisoners of Technology. The track samples the female vocals from the beginning of KRS-One's 'Step Into A World (Rapture's Delight)' along with KRS One's interjections:

"Step into a world (Klaka klaka, klaka klaka)
Where there's no one left (Buku, buku! Alla de massive)
But the very best (Klaka, bo bo, BDP crew, bo bo bo bo)
No MC can test..."

These lyrics are sung to the tune of Blondie's 'Rapture' (hence the title which also references the Sugarhill Gang's 'Rapper's Delight'), the first song featuring a rap to reach number one in the US. Twisted Minds loop this vocal on top of a hip-hop tempo beat, before timestretching the "Step into a world" line over a big drum roll which brings in an electro style bassline with two-step drums. The track also has a horn sample which I think is from 'Sing A Simple Song' by Sly and the Family Stone and a rapped "So listen to the beat and take a ride" vocal from the Marley Marl produced 'Come Take A Ride' by World Renown. A simple but effective jump-up tune with an appropriate old skool hip-hop feel to it.

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