Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Trinity - Gangsta

Trinity - Gangsta (O J Mix) (Philly Blunt, 1995)

Staying on the gangster theme here's a big track from 1995 by Dillinja in his Trinity alias. This is a guise he saved for the V Recordings family of labels, with Chapter 19/20 appearing on V and this one on Philly Blunt before he revived the name in 2000 for a series of releases on Chronic. Philly Blunt was the most jungle orientated of Jumping Jack Frost and Bryan G's imprints, with other massive tracks including 'Burial' and 'Warning'.

Dillinja drops a ragga jungle style tune in keeping with the label's sound, sampling the horns and vocals from 'Gangsters Anthem' by Terror Fabulous, adding some timestretching to the "Gangster" refrain as the track develops. It starts off with the Hot Pants break before adding a filtered Amen fairly low in the mix with some heavy 808 sub-bass. At the breakdown he brings in some nice synth pads which come in and out of the track for rest of its duration. The 'O J' in the title presumably refers to O.J. Simpson who was accused of the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman in June 1994 which was around the time this tune first appeared.

The 12" of this will cost you a fair whack but it's available on Jungle Mania 3 which is more affordable for a CD copy. You can also hear it in dBridge's recent Dubs On Doves mix for Trap Magazine which I featured last week but as it's so good I'll mention it again - get on the download:

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