Friday, 26 April 2013

P-Funk - P-Funk Era

P-Funk - P-Funk Era (dis1iz4yasoul) (Frontline, 1995)

With the sun finally shining recently I've been pulling out a few more laid back tunes and this one is perfect for both chilling to on a lazy afternoon and moving your feet in a sweaty club. P-Funk was an alias for Pascal Redpath, the owner of Frontline and future Ganja Kru member, and a clear reference to the G-Funk style of hip-hop prevalent at the time. Pascal had originally been a hip-hop head with little interest in rave music but, as he says in an interview with Knowledge Magazine from 1995, "began to relate to hardcore when breakbeat came into it in '91 and '92. Tunes with 'nuff hip hop flavour, like Rufige Kru's 'Krisp Biscuit', converted me."

'P-Funk Era' makes Pascal's hip-hop influences clear with samples from Mary J. Blige and KRS-One. The central G-Funk style synth, piano and female vocal are all from Blige's 'Be With You', using two 8 bar segments from the track's intro. Not being the biggest R'n'B fan I didn't hear 'Be With You' until years later and have to say I was stunned to hear such familiar sounds in their original context. Over this Pascal brings in the Think break and a basic two note bassline along with KRS-One's "So gimme the funk, gimme the funk, not the junk, while the trunk pumps" line from G. Simone's 'Music For The 90s'. A simple but superb tune that absolutely demands you raise your lighter in the air. As the closing KRS-One sample says 'B-Boys in the house, turn it up, turn it up".

You can purchase the digital of 'P-Funk Era' from Beatport, Juno Download and Drum&BassArena. It appeared in special VIP form on the AWOL Live album which you can hear below:

Darren Jay, Randall, Kenny Ken, Dr. S Gachet, Micky Finn GQ & Fearless - AWOL LIVE 95 by Rave Archive © on Mixcloud

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