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Mental Power - Deep Soul

Mental Power - Deep Soul (Formation Records, 1995)

While 5HQ Records in Leicester is long gone there remains a remnant of it within the shop that replaced it. Leicester HQ is a graffiti supplies store, gallery and recording studio and I popped in during my trip to the city to have a look around for old times sake. I was surprised to discover that they still had a couple of crates of records leftover from the 5HQ days as well as loads of cassettes from old rave tape packs. The helpful guy behind the counter told me that when they took over in 2007 there were still thousands of records upstairs with multiple copies of some releases.

Going through the records was like unearthing a time capsule. I bought five 12"s, all on Formation or its sub-labels, of which Mental Power's 'In Ya Soul EP' was the oldest and most interesting (all £1 each as well - bargain!). Inside the sleeve I was amazed to discover a flyer for an event that took place on the 17th November 1995, somewhat ironically called 'The Future', which was the Highly Recommended LP Launch Party. I scanned the front and back of the flyer which you can see below.

Mental Power were a DJ/MC combo from Sheffield made up of Richard Williams and Patrick James who went under the names DJ Mental and MC Power, although judging by the credits on their records James was the main force behind their productions. The lead track on the EP is 'Deep Soul' which, as the title suggests, is a soulful cut that starts with a laid back intro of piano, synths and a vocal sampled from 'Caroline' by Misty Oldland (actually cleared as it is credited on the release) before developing into a hardstepping tune with Amen/Think drums treated to plenty of timestretching along with a big reversed bassline. A great track that also appeared on the Highly Recommended LP in remixed form and one I was very happy to get "new" eighteen years after it was released!

Check it out below as the first track in a DJ SS set from the Dreamscape 17 vs 18 tape pack, although the intro is cut off unfortunately.

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