Saturday, 13 April 2013

Marcus Intalex & ST Files - Love & Hapiness

Marcus Intalex & ST Files - Love & Hapiness (31 Records, 2001)

Here's a post about a track that I prepared before the Exit Records 10th Birthday bash which is co-produced by Marcus Intalex and released on Doc Scott's impeccable 31 Records imprint, both of whom played last night. I'll have an update on the night soon though. Marcus Kaye and Lee Davenport have been on the scene since the early nineties and over the years they have put out a number of great records, both solo and as a duo, and word is they're back in the studio together after a lengthy lay off.

As the misspelt title of the track rather gives away, it samples 'Love & Happiness' by First Choice, the Philly based female group who had a number of soul and disco hits in the seventies and eighties who I've already mentioned three times in the past few months. It samples the rhodes and vocal from the intro of the tune: "Love and Happiness, make you want to do right, do wrong...", placing them over warm chords and 808 kick bass with a two-step break that incorporates some of the vocal tics from the Think break. A lush liquid funk tune from the duo who were absolutely on fire at this point with too many incredible tracks to mention - check my breakdown of the flipside to this one here.

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