Tuesday, 16 April 2013

L Double & Shy FX - The Shit

L Double & Shy FX - The Shit (Flex Records, 1996)

Yesterday's track sampled the Ice Cube dissing 'Real Niggaz' by N.W.A. and here L Double & Shy FX use a much larger chunk of the track, starting off with the majority of the expletive-ridden spoken word intro (leaving out the reference to N.W.A.):

"Yo man, there's a gang of motherfuckers out there on the dick, man, in every motherfuckin' state
Wanna be like, wanna look like, wanna act like, wanna dress like, wanna sound like muthafuckin' style-stealin' clone ass (N.W.A.) bitin' ass motherfuckin' everywhere man
Non-reality seein', non-reality feeling, non-reality livin' ass motherfuckers, man
Hey, I don't know. Reality, it's important to me, man
So fellas, man, tell these niggas what it's like in the minds of real niggas"

Over echoed horn stabs they go on to sample the same "We're going to have some more of that good shit... the shit you just can't fuck with" vocals and piano as the Blast Master track. This wasn't the first time the two had collaborated on a track heavy with gangster imagery as the previous year L Double had remixed Shy FX's 'Gangsta II' and this tune kind of feels like a follow up to that one. It's a jump-up style track that features a dirty but bouncy bassline that changes pitch a few times along with timestretched drums, occasionally bringing in the Think break. One of the few single sided 12"s that I own and another one to add to my list of great set openers.

Hear Micky Finn drop it as his first track at the Quest 'We Are The Law' event from 1995:

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