Sunday, 14 April 2013

J Majik - Your Sound

J Majik - Your Sound (Metalheadz, 1995)

I had a great time at the Exit Records bash on Friday. I stayed in Room 2 all night with the highlight being Doc Scott's set which featured classics such as Threshold, Piper and the Boymerang remix of Technology alongside plenty of exclusive material including some unreleased Optical, Unofficial Ghost VIP and to finish, an apparently unheard mix of Terminator - carnage ensued.

Amit warmed things up nicely with lots of classic Digital & Spirit material and was followed by Breakage who played an Amen heavy set with my favourites being his mixes of 'Here Comes The Drumz' and 'Acid Rain'. Krust & Die's set was energetic with Die skanking behind the decks, dropping tunes such as Set Speed, Trouble and Special Treat. Fierce was proper heavy with The Force Is Electric, Locust and Mutant all getting rinsed and then Fabio rounded the night off in style with plenty of classics to keep my tired legs moving.

It was especially good seeing how enthusiastic all the DJs were spinning the old tunes, I think even Doc Scott smiled for a brief moment! Negatives were how packed the place was and missing Bad Company as they were scheduled at the same time as Doc Scott but judging by how rammed it was I'm glad I stayed in Room 2 all night.

J Majik's 'Your Sound' cropped up a few times on Friday, with Doc Scott dropping an unreleased mix and Fabio playing it as one of the final tunes of the night. It's not hard to see the enduring appeal of this classic, which was a young Jamie Spratling's first release. I first heard it on a free Metalheadz cassette that came with the May 1996 edition of Muzik magazine and promptly went out and bought every Metalheadz 12" I could get my hands on. From those opening chords to the unique treatment of the Amen break the track just oozes quality. It also utilizes some Apache and Soul Pride for an incredible breakbeat feast with a bassline that mostly follows the pattern of the drums. Majik also gave the track an excellent remix a couple of years later on the Razor's Edge sub-label. Your sound, our sound, Drum'n'Bass forever!

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