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Goldie - Kemistry (Doc Scott Mix)

Goldie - Kemistry (Doc Scott Mix) (FFRR, 1995)

Fourteen years ago today Kemi Olusanya AKA Kemistry passed away in a tragic car accident. She played a crucial role in the development of drum & bass and her spirit lives on in the forward thinking music she championed. Originally a make-up artist, she was inspired by the emerging hardcore sound at nights such as Rage and started DJing alongside friend and flatmate Jayne Conneely AKA Storm, who she'd met at college in Northampton a few years earlier. They were to become the top female DJs on the scene.

In the early nineties she was going out with Goldie and was responsible for introducing him to the music - he created the track 'Kemistry' in her honour back in 1992. Kemistry & Storm began managing the Metalheadz label in 1995 and were involved in putting out classics such as 'The Angels Fell' and 'Your Sound' before leaving to concentrate on their burgeoning DJing careers. They also established the Metalheadz Sunday Sessions at Blue Note, one of the most important nights in the history of drum & bass, and released mixes for Reinforced, Artcore and DJ-Kicks.

Goldie remixed 'Kemistry' for his Timeless LP and it also received a Grooverider VIP mix on Razors Edge a couple of years later, but I'm going to write about the Doc Scott mix from 1995 - as Storm says, "the best version of Kemistry ever". It is a deep take on the track, opening with shiver inducing synth pads, bleeps and Diane Charlemagne's "Coming down, Come to me" vocals before introducing a wide, spacious bassline alongside the Hot Pants break. Littered throughout the track are Doc Scott's trademark vinyl spinbacks with "Knowledge" and "The Terminator is out there" vocal snippets that reference other tracks from the Metalheads EP that 'Kemistry' originally appeared on. The mid-section of the track brings in some beat switching between the Life Could and Apache breaks before returning to those lush synth pads with Charlemagne's "I'm in Ecstasy" vocals. An emotional remix and a fitting tribute to such an inspirational figure - RIP Kemi.

Check out Storm's recent tribute to Kemistry on Ministry of Sound Radio in which she plays some of Kemi's favourite tunes and finishes with this remix. The track was also included on 'The Alchemist', the Goldie retrospective that was released earlier this year. Metalheadz have just put up a set by Kemistry & Storm with Goldie from 1996 which you can listen to and download below:

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