Saturday, 27 April 2013

Foul Play - Being With You

Foul Play - Being With You (Moving Shadow, 1994)

After looking at 'P-Funk Era' yesterday it got me thinking about the number of Jungle/Drum & Bass tracks that sample Mary J. Blige, particularly her vocals. The reason is obvious: she was one of the biggest R'n'B stars of the nineties and released a lot of singles which featured acapella versions of her songs. Foul Play are probably best known for crafting what are considered to be the ultimate versions of tracks such as 'Renegade Snares' and 'Lord Of The Null Lines' but they also produced many great tracks of their own such as this one, which samples Blige's 'Changes I've Been Going Through'.

'Being With You' is a melancholy cut that makes sparing use of the line "Why can't you see that I wanna be with you", not introducing it until the gorgeous breakdown around the four minute mark. They didn't actually need an acapella to sample it as it appears clean on the Blige original. The track is full of mournful synth washes with a deep and deadly bassline and timestretched drums that use the Hot Pants break. It also uses a sample of Fat Joe saying "To hell with them" which is from 'View From The Underground', an interlude on Diamond And The Psychotic Neurotics classic 'Stunts, Blunts & Hip Hip'. A quality track that Foul Play remixed themselves using more of the two vocal samples. It would be the last release by the original trio as Steve Gurley left to record solo as Rogue Unit not long afterwards.

You can purchase the digital of 'Being With You' from Beatport and Drum&BassArena.

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