Friday, 5 April 2013

Danny Breaks - For The Thinking Positive Crew

Danny Breaks - For The Thinking Positive Crew (Droppin' Science, 1993)

Today sees my first guest post over at the excellent Drumtrip site, breaking down the Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era remix of 4 Hero's 'Cooking Up Yah Brain' - check it out here. Writing the piece reminded me that I'd yet to cover anything on this blog by Danny Breaks, a versatile producer who's made everything from Hardcore to Hip-Hop over the years, so I'm going to quickly remedy that with a look at this track that appeared on Volume 1 of his Droppin' Science imprint.

"Droppin' Science" is a term that originated in Hip-Hop and means to do something original or unique and that definitely applies to this tune which sounds way ahead of its time. The track is actually untitled and is often referred to simply as 'Volume 1' but to distinguish it from the flipside people began using the runout etching which read "For the Thinking Positive Crew". It opens with an oriental sounding ascending melody with synthetic strings and an "Ooh Baby" vocal sampled from 'Hazme SoƱar' by Morenas (which was also used in Bizarre Inc's 'Raise Me (Maximum Height Mix)'). What is really incredible about this track though is the use of timestretching on the Amen break to create a cascading effect which contrasts nicely with the ascending melody. A track has a blissful middle section with a synth sampled from the beginning of 'Right Before My Eyes' by Patti Day along with synthetic strings. 100% Droppin' Science.

Have a look at this great video from 1995 shown on the Germany's Viva's Freestyle show featuring Danny Breaks talking about the origin of the Droppin' Science name, his musical influences and showing off his studio (via

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