Monday, 15 April 2013

Blast Master - X-Rated (Mix 1)

Blast Master - X-Rated (Mix 1) (Strictly Underground, 1996)

I looked at the other side of this record last month but the flip is almost its equal so well worth a look as well. Again, I assume Blast Master was an alias for Mark "Ruff" Ryder - it seems to be the only time the name was used - but I don't know for sure. Like 'It's A Demo', this one appears on the Strictly Hardcore compilation The Ruffest Drum & Bass Ever.

It opens with a short loop of the moog synth originally from 'Funky Worm' by the Ohio Players with a "vinyl stop" effect every four bars. This synth was also sampled by Ray Keith on 'Original Wootang'. However 'X-Rated' is sampling the beginning of a hip-hop track that uses the riff, 'Dopeman (Remix)' by N.W.A., as you can hear the same "vinyl stop" effect in that tune. The track also uses a vocal and piano sample from the intro of the 100 Miles and Runnin' EP version of N.W.A.'s 'Real Niggaz': "We're going to have some more of that good shit... the shit you just can't fuck with". The track starts off with the Think break with some 808 kick bass before switching to the Life Could break at the drop with a reversed bassline, eventually bringing in some heavy Amen. A nice little jump-up tune that isn't all that well known so the 12" can be picked up for just a few pounds. You get two mixes of each track as well so it's a bit of a bargain!

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