Friday, 12 April 2013

Bad Company & Trace - Flashback (Tumpa)

Bad Company & Trace - Flashback (Tumpa) (BC Recordings, 2000)

This whole week at DnB 365 has been a flashback to some pivotal points in Drum & Bass history in the lead up to one of the biggest nights of the year, the Exit Records 10th Birthday bash at Fire tonight. As dBridge himself said in an interview with FACT Magazine this week: "with this lineup especially I wanted it to represent everything that had influenced me over the years - the Blue Note, Bristol, Speed, No U-Turn". I've covered all of these over the past four days and today I'm looking at this evening's headliners - Bad Company. This should have been the first time they had reunited since splitting ten years ago but unfortunately Fresh has had to pull out due to studio commitments but as he said: "I'll be there in the music".

'Flashback (Tumpa)' appeared on the sampler for their Digital Nation LP and was the second time they had collaborated with Trace following 'Nitrous' from their first album, Inside The Machine. I thought this the perfect track to write about given the occasion as aside from the title it is a homage to the past, with two well known Frankie Knuckles samples used in rave classics making an appearance. It opens with the nostalgia inducing synth melody from 'Let The Music (Use You)' by Night Writers which was used on SL2's 'DJs Take Control'. It pairs this with an "I'm a Real" vocal which is the voice of Robert Owens from 'Tears' by Frankie Knuckles Presents Satoshi Tomiie, as sampled by Nookie on 'Give A Little Love'. There is also a "started again" vocal sample from 'Aftermath' by Nightmares On Wax which is itself sampling Cuba Gooding Sr's 'Happiness Is Just Around The Bend'. This being a Trace collaboration the track uses the Tramen break along with some extra percussion and at the drop deploys a rapid fire four note Reese bassline that is expertly twisted out of shape with some nice staccato sections. Absolutely slamming.

Bad Company remixed the track as 'Miami Flashback' for the Book Of The Bad series which is available to download over at Beatport. The original mix opens this Bad Company set at Innovation - The Easter Showcase from 2000 which should get anyone off to Fire tonight in the mood.

Bad Company - Live @ Innovation - The Easter Showcase Mass - 2000-04 by Drum & Bass Classics on Mixcloud

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