Saturday, 30 March 2013

L Double - The Saturday Flex 97

L Double - The Saturday Flex 97 (Labello Blanco, 1997)

Here's one more day-of-the-week related post and then I promise I'll stop (mainly because I don't know of any tracks with Sunday in the title). Originally from Bradford, Lee Johnson got his break in music as a member of Unique 3, the group responsible for the seminal bleep techno of 'The Theme', but left as they were going in a increasingly commercial direction while he wanted to focus on more underground sounds. Visits to AWOL in the early nineties converted him to jungle and he began his own Flex Records label in 1994, releasing material by the likes of Da Intalex, ST Files and Sappo as well as his own productions.

Despite the title, 'The Saturday Flex 97' actually came out on Labello Blanco, the label run by Andy Swallow and Jimmy Low (AKA Jimmy Jungle) that was amongst the first to focus on jungle, although the Flex logo does feature on the artwork. It starts off in a muted fashion with what sounds like a slowed down horn sample and wind-swept synths before things start to pick up with two-step drums and a simple one note bassline. Female "Saturday, yeah" vocals bring in a squelchy acidic riff combined with a stuttered Amen break that is nicely edited, making for an energetic track to wreck havoc on the dancefloor.

Check out a One In The Jungle show from '96 below which features L Double alongside MC GQ which you can also download from the One In The Jungle Archive until May 20th.

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