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Model 500 - The Flow (Alex Reece Mix)

Model 500 - The Flow (Alex Reece Mix) (R & S Records, 1995)

In 1995 the famed Belgian techno label R & S (the initials of its founders Renaat Vandepapeliere & Sabine Maes) began to embrace drum & bass, with releases from Marc Mac and Dego's Jacob's Optical Stairway project and The Original Playboy (AKA Alex Reece and PIM). In 1996 they would go on to set up the All Good Vinyl label specifically to put out drum & bass and dedicate the sixth volume of their esteemed In Order To Dance series to the genre.

Alex Reece's remix of 'The Flow' was one of their earliest forays into the style and pretty much typifies the jazzy, house and techno influenced material they would focus on. Model 500 is of course Juan Atkins, one of the founders of Detroit techno, and the original mix of the track is a vocal electro style tune. Reece transforms it into a piece of sumptuous drum & bass, only keeping a few segments of the vocals (primarily "I'm going with the flow") and pairing them with lush pads, flutes and a deep bassline. The track is perhaps best known though for its use of a programmed 808 two-step break, first used on the pivotal 'Pulp Fiction' but first left clean here leading to it being sampled on tunes such as Ed Rush's 'Subway', further popularising this more streamlined style of beat. A turning point in the history of drum & bass.

This track appears on In Order To Dance 6 along with several other Alex Reece productions as well as material from Wax Doctor, Justice and Lemon D. It's well worth seeking out, even my Dad likes it! You can also hear it in this Alex Reece tribute mix by D'Zine which also includes 'Pulp Fiction'.

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