Saturday, 23 March 2013

Source Direct - The Cult

Source Direct - The Cult (Metalheadz, 1995)

Today and tomorrow I'm going to look at two tracks in very different styles that use the same sample from Grover Washington Jr's 'The Sea Lion' (Spotify link). Although mostly a smooth jazz number it opens with dissonant horns that mimic the noise of a sea lion's screams and it is this sound that both records sample. First up is the dark percussive assault of 'The Cult' by St. Albans duo Source Direct, the b-side to 'A Made Up Sound' on their Metalheadz debut.

It opens with a cut-up of the 'Cold Sweat' break before introducing the horn sample, a sound that perfectly suits the track's foreboding atmosphere. They also sample a line from Enter The Dragon, the classic martial arts film starring Bruce Lee: "It is defeat that you must learn to prepare for". The track has a sparse 808 kick bassline, sinister effects and echoed percussion but is primarily driven by the rhythmic intensity of the drums which combine the 'Cold Sweat' and 'Soul Pride' breaks. Conjuring up images of torture and ritual sacrifice, this is one to give you nightmares.

You can download 'The Cult' directly from the label here. This evening, Source Direct (presumably just one of them as they split acrimoniously in 1999) are playing a classics set for the Rupture night at London's Corsica Studios, with Doc Scott and Trace also in attendance. To promote the event Mantra has put together this mix of Source Direct material which includes the remix of 'The Cult' that came out on Metalheadz sub-label Razors Edge. Check the rest of the tracklist over at Everyday Junglist and don't forget to come back tomorrow for part two.

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