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Dr Wootang - Original Wootang

Dr Wootang - Original Wootang (Dread Recordings, 1995)

After writing over the weekend about two tracks that use the same sample it got me thinking about other instances when this has occurred. Here, Ray Keith's 'Original Wootang' uses the "Lighter" vocal from 'Cray-Z' by Fu-Schnickens that had already been sampled on 'The Lighter' by DJ SS (check my post about that track here). When asked about this last year in an interview with Drum&BassArena, Ray Keith had this to say:

"There was only a handful of us at the time and we were vibing off each other in a big way. I did Renegade, he did Black. He did Lighter, I did Wootang. We were all inspiring each other, from London to Bristol, all of us trying to push things forward and make each record better. From 94-96 we were all in the studio, buzzing off what each other were doing."

In fact he drafted in SS to do a remix of Wootang that was released on Dread in '96. The track also features a female vocal taken from the beginning of 'Who's Zoomin' Who' by Aretha Franklin but is probably best known for its prominent use of the Moog synth riffs from 'Funky Worm' by The Ohio Players that have been sampled in countless hip-hop records. Ray Keith adds a fat 808 kick bassline along with the 'Hot Pants' break for a simple but classic tune.

You can purchase the digital of 'Original Wootang' on the Vintage Dread 2000 LP (where it appears as 'Funky Worm') from Drum&BassArena, Juno Download, Beatport and all good download stores. Check it out below in Nicky Blackmarket's set at Dreamscape 20 from September 1995.

DJ Randall & Nicky Blackmarket Dreamscape 20 -Roller Convention II by Minesh Surti Aka Mini-Dj on Mixcloud

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