Saturday, 16 March 2013

Total Science - It's Not Over

Total Science - It's Not Over (Hardleaders, 2000)

Back in 1992 the breakbeat hardcore label Kickin' started a series of compilations entitled Hard Leaders, releasing seven volumes which gradually began to focus on the emerging sound of jungle. Subsequently, in 1995 Kickin' set up a sub-label called Hardleaders which focused on drum & bass with the first release coming from Dillinja in his Capone alias. The label went on to put out more than sixty 12"s but also continued to release compilations such as Listen Up in 2000 on which 'It's Not Over' first appeared, although I picked it up on a 12" that came out the following year.

It starts off with cymbal hits and strange noises before a filtered keyboard loop fades in. Over this Total Science bring in the 'Fools Gold' break, which is a take on the 'Hot Pants' break taken from the The Stone Roses' 'Fools Gold'. The track gradually builds up with synthetic and plucked strings along with a warm rolling bassline before introducing "It's not over between you and me" vocals from the much-sampled disco classic 'Let No Man Put Asunder' by First Choice (Total Science also sampled a different line on 'Jet Set'). They also occasionally use a "Yeah" vocal sample from the beginning of Jamaica Girls' 'On The Move' which was co-produced by Fran├žois Kevorkian. A smooth house-influenced track in the liquid style that was just beginning to gain popularity at this point.

You can download an excellent All Hardleaders Mix by Nickdawg here which finishes with 'It's Not Over'. Check the rest of the tracklist over at Everyday Junglist.

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