Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Itchi'ie E - It's A Demo

Itch'ie E - It's A Demo (Mix 2) (Strictly Underground Records, 1996)

After writing about 'Back In The Daze' by Mark "Ruff" Ryder in his Urban Jungle alias on Sunday I somewhat serendipitously came across this record in a second hand store the next day. I snapped it up despite knowing nothing about it, the fact it was released on Strictly Underground was enough - well, that and it was only £1.50. This was the only release Itch'ie E put out and I'm assuming it's one of Mark Ryder's many aliases but can't be sure.

Although the two mixes of the track aren't substantially different I prefer the second one due to its hazy jazz sample of rhodes and double bass. The track uses the 'Think' break and alternates between a Reese bassline and an 808 kick bassline with two vocal samples appearing throughout. I think the "It's A Demo" line is taken from the Kool G Rap & DJ Polo track of the same name but played slower, while the exclaimation of "Funky!" is Biz Markie from the beginning of Big Daddy Kane's 'Just Rhymin' With Biz'. A nice little jump-up style tune which was definitely worth my £1.50!

A mix of 'It's A Demo' is available on the Strictly Hardcore compilation The Ruffest Drum & Bass Ever and although it's probably the other version it's still worth getting hold of.

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