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Nasty Habits - Here Comes The Drumz

Nasty Habits - Here Comes The Drumz (Reinforced Records, 1992)

Doc Scott is one of the true legends of the scene and has played a huge role in shaping the sound of drum & bass. His name derives from his days distributing mixtapes to friends at school, like a doctor giving out prescriptions. After his early releases, such as the N.H.S. EP on Simon "Bassline" Smith's Absolute 2 label, were heard by the likes of Grooverider and Goldie he signed to the pioneering Reinforced Records. His debut for the label, the As Nasty As I Wanna Be EP (as Nasty Habits), featured the groundbreaking proto-jungle of 'Here Comes The Drumz' as its lead track.

Like Goldie's 'Terminator' it's a track that moved away from the euphoria of early hardcore to a darker sound that was labelled 'Darkside' or 'Darkcore'. It begins with hi-hats and finger clicks before the "Here Comes The Drums (Confusion)" vocal from 'Can't Truss It' by Public Enemy brings in the Amen break with vinyl backspins, a steady, fast paced bassline, and a droning hoover-like sound. Ed Rush has commented that this tune got him into producing and what he liked was the constant background hum "like a spaceship". The influence of industrial techno is clear with occasional four-to-the-floor sections, ghostly synths and of course Doc Scott's incredible take on the Mentasm sound that has been directly sampled by many other artists (check out Shimon & Andy C's 'Body Rock'). It became one of the biggest tunes at Grooverider and Fabio's legendary Rage nights which became the breeding ground for early jungle. Doc Scott has remixed the track on several occasions including VIP Drumz and Drumz '95 on Metalheadz as well as Breakage tackling it in 2001 on Enforcers 13/14, showing its enduring appeal. An interesting piece of trivia about this track is how the process of its production got Doc Scott into trouble with the authorities, as the man himself reveals:

"The original drumz was made over a week long ‘session’ and resulted in me being prosecuted for noise pollution. For real. Had to go to court and everything!" (check the whole interview here).

You can purchase the digital of 'Here Comes The Drumz' on the essential Reinforced Presents Doc Scott: The Early Plates, which also includes his first remix of the track and is available from Beatport, Juno and Trackitdown amongst others.

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