Friday, 29 March 2013

TDK - Friday

TDK - Friday (Breakdown Records, 1996)

After writing about Capone's 'Friday' this time last week I thought I'd take a look at another track with the same title. As far as I'm aware the only place this track appeared was Breakdown Record's DJ Box Vol. 1, a triple CD compilation of drum & bass and jungle released in 1996. Breakdown were a subsidiary of Suburban Base who specialised in releasing compilations such as the excellent Drum & Bass Selection series. It wasn't uncommon to find the odd exclusive track or mix on their albums which always made them especially worthwhile.

The booklet with DJ Box Vol. 1 credits this to Bizzy B's Brain Records which started life in 1992 as hardcore was transitioning to jungle and put out plenty of forward thinking material, remaining active until 1997. They put out several records by TDK including his debut, the Brainwave EP, a collaboration with Bizzy B himself. He also had releases on Hardleaders and Kemet amongst others.

Capone's 'Friday' sampled a tune on the soundtrack to Friday, a comedy starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, and funnily enough this tune samples a line from that movie spoken by Tucker's character Smokey: "I know you don't smoke weed, I know this; but I'm gonna get you high today, 'cause it's Friday; you ain't got no job... and you ain't got shit to do". This sample should be familiar if you used to listen to BBC Radio 1's One In The Jungle show which went out on Friday evenings as it featured as part of the intro sequence (have a listen here). Parts of this line are sprinkled throughout the track which opens with a gentle synth melody and the Think break before an 808 kick bassline comes in accompanied by drums using the Life Could, Apache and Think breaks. After a breakdown with some jazzy keys a Reese bassline joins the action as well. A nice chilled jungle tune, the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing bank holiday weekend. Have a good one!

You can find out more about TDK's releases over at Bizzy B's Junglist Download site as well as purchase a number of his productions.

UPDATE 24/08/16: Just discovered this tune came out on Brain Records sublabel 2 Getherness on an untitled white, the ninth and final 12" for the imprint.

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  1. Been trying to find that version (the intro to One in the Jungle) for ages not realising it was just part of the intro, it's such a nice lick, with the bassline etc... need to find out who made that... where to start eh....!?!?!