Friday, 22 March 2013

Capone - Friday

Capone - Friday (Hardleaders, 1998)

The weekend's nearly here and this is the ideal track to celebrate. As I mentioned in my post about Total Science's 'It's Not Over', Dillinja was responsible for the first release on Hardleaders under his Capone alias, presumably a reference to the Chicago gangster Al Capone (his first use of the name pre-dates the rapper by three years). He would also appear on their final 12" in 2003 (HL64: Tudor Rose (Shimon Remix)/Fusion), putting out many other fine tracks for the label inbetween, mostly as Capone but also under the names Basic Influence and Regulate (with Lemon D). 'Friday' was probably his biggest track for the imprint and a second hand copy will currently set you back at least £20.

The intro features shimmering keys and a pitched down vocal sample of Dr Dre from the beginning of 'Keep Their Heads Ringin' saying "Thank God it's Friday... Heh Heh" (the track appeared on the soundtrack to the Ice Cube/Chris Tucker comedy Friday). What always got this tune a lot of rewinds was its heavy bassline, Dillinja once again giving a masterclass in bass production. The drums shouldn't be overlooked though, and are made up of at least three or four parts including the 'Worm', 'Apache' and 'Tighten Up' breaks. Essential business that still gets regularly played out today.

You can download the digital of 'Friday' directly from Valve Recordings on the Dillinja retrospective My Sound 1993-2004. There is also a Hardleaders compilation of Capone tracks mixed by DJ Ruffstuff entitled AKA The Original Master. Ruffstuff did another all Hardleaders mix (including 'Friday') for Knowledge Magazine which was given away with their August 2000 issue. You can check the tracklist and download the Hardleaders After Dark mix, hosted by Stamina MC, from Kmag's site.

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