Thursday, 21 March 2013

Dylan - Flash 2000

Dylan - Flash 2000 (Raid, 2000)

I've recently mentioned a couple of tracks that use the 'Hoover' synth sound, named due its similarity to the noise made by a vacuum cleaner. It was originally created by Joey Beltram and Mundo Muzique (as Second Phase) on 'Mentasm' in 1991 and has been directly sampled or recreated on countless records since. Joey Beltram had at this point already made another seminal record with 'Energy Flash', leading the music critic Simon Reynolds to declare that he had "revolutionized techno twice before reached the age of twenty-one". Reynolds considers 'Energy Flash' to be the greatest techno track of all time and even named his account of the history of rave music after it (an essential read by the way). It is a pounding, industrial track and a clear influence on the sound of Dylan, so it is not too surprising to see him giving it the unofficial remix treatment here on 'Flash 2000'.

It starts with a thumping beat and the whispered "Ecstasy, Ecstasy" from the original that was actually sampled from the beginning of 'Rock To The Beat' by 101, a shameless Belgian New Beat rip of the Reese & Santonio track. Dylan gradually brings in the other elements of the track, beginning with the ghostly synths and then the pulsating, rumbling bassline and hypnotic 303 riff. Later in the track he brings in the distinctive descending strings which Beltram presumably sampled from Orbital's 'Chime' which was released the same year. Although a controversial choice of track to remix given its status as an untouchable classic, there was no one else on the scene at that time that I'd rather have attempt it and Dylan does a faithful job updating it for the drum & bass crowd.

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