Thursday, 14 March 2013

Digital & Spirit - Backlash

Digital & Spirit - Backlash (Phantom Audio, 1999)

This week Digital & Spirit reactivated their Phantom Audio imprint nearly a decade after its last release, appropriately with remixes of the two tunes that appeared on the label's very first 12", the legendary 'Phantom Force' and 'Backlash'. I've already covered 'Phantom Force' (take a look here) which is given a superb update by Fracture who transforms it into a half step tune while maintaining the spirit (pun not intended) of the original with occasional use of the its two very distinctive breaks.

'Backlash' was always rather overshadowed by the A side but is almost its equal with sinister strings, hazy "Jah" vocal and a menacing stabbing bassline, similar to the one on 'Phantom Force' but muddier. The drums are nice and crisp with a few highly processed breaks sometimes appearing underneath including the 'Sesame Street' and 'Scorpio' breaks. Digital & Spirit's 2013 rework subtly updates it, maintaining the original's use of multiple breaks but bringing them more to the front and adding the 'Let A Woman Be A Woman' break that anchored 'Phantom Force' as well as the 'Life Could' break, making for some complex drum work. A reminder, if anyone needed it, of the debt drum & bass owes these two and hopefully the beginning of a new era for Phantom Audio.

Check out the remixes below, which are available on limited 12" and from all good download stores.

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  1. My favorite Phantom Audio track ! Its a shame its not available in digital format....:(