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Urban Jungle - Back In The Daze

Urban Jungle - Back In The Daze (Sexy Ladies Mix) (Jungle Mania Records, 1994)

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to think of a decent tune to post for Valentine's Day but came up blank. Somehow I totally forgot this gem of a track from Mark "Ruff" Ryder in his Urban Jungle guise. Mark is a total legend and was behind Strictly Underground and its various sublabels as well as being the producer of many fine hardcore tunes under multiple aliases (including 'Get Down' as M-D-Emm, one of my all time favourites) before moving on to jungle. The Jungle Mania label put out mainly white label releases due to the use of uncleared samples and 'Back In The Daze' is a case in point.

It liberally samples from 'The Luv U Wanted' by Lil' Louis & The World, a beautiful tune that was actually written and performed by Ferrante Hickerson with singer Sherel who are credited on the record as Antigua. 'Back In The Daze' uses a loop of the opening lines along with the synths, piano and percussion: "And if a kiss could melt a heart, show me / Tonight oh baby in the dark, hold me / Cos when you kiss me, the sky just seems to fall (seems to fall) / I guess it's love I'm feeling after all". Over this Ryder adds an 808 bassline and Think/Life Could drums, simple but effective. The 'Bad Breakbeat Boyz Mix' on the flipside also uses a tearing Amen break but I've always preferred the more laid back approach taken by the 'Sexy Ladies Mix'.

The use of the sample in this tune eventually got Ryder into trouble with Hickerson but according to their comments in the youtube video above they managed to settle the matter. The original 12" will set you back a fair amount but the track is available on the excellent and more affordable Jungle Soundclash Volume 1 compilation which is where I discovered it. You can also hear it in Kode9's '94 to '96 jungle mix for FACT below:

FACT Mix 156: Kode9 by Fact Mix Archive on Mixcloud

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