Friday, 8 March 2013

Player - Angel Of Theft

Player - Angel Of Theft (Jef Am Recordings, 2004)

Tonight I'm going to see Amon Tobin's ISAM Live 2.0 show at the Hammersmith Apollo. Tobin has been touring this amazing audio/visual show for nearly two years following the release of the ISAM album back in 2011. However this is the first and last time he'll be bringing the 2.0 edition to London, expanding the show to include the more beat heavy material from his Two Fingers project. It should go without saying, but I'm very excited.

Although Tobin has a long history with Drum & Bass dating back to some of his earliest material as Cujo, I couldn't resist writing about this incredible Drill'n'Bass style cut-up of guitar riffs from Thrash Metal band Slayer which he made under the not very subtle alias of Player alongside Ghostbeard. It was originally released on single-sided red vinyl with a pentagram etched on the other side in a run of just 400. It later appeared as a free download on his website before being included on last year's Amon Tobin, a behemoth of a boxset which included a CD and DVD of the original ISAM Live show. The awesome guitar riffs, plus some drums, come primarily from two Slayer tracks, 'Angel Of Death' (hence the title) and 'Raining Blood', over which he brings in some furious breakbeat choppage to create a brutal masterpiece capable of opening the gates of hell. It makes Concord Dawn's 'Raining Blood', which replays the main riff from the Slayer track, sound positively tame by comparison.

Unfortunately 'Angel Of Theft' isn't available to download from his site anymore but you can grab some freebies put up on his Soundcloud page to celebrate the ISAM Live 2.0 show. You can also get a 25 minute mix of ISAM material mixed by King Cannibal here.

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