Friday, 15 March 2013

DJ Phantasy - .44 Mag (DJ Phantasy Remix)

DJ Phantasy - .44 Mag (DJ Phantasy Remix) (Easy Records, 1996) This time last month I covered Ben Grimm's 'Dogz On Da Set' in memory of Tim Dog who had just passed away and here's another track that samples the rapper. DJ Phantasy has been on the scene since the early days after catching the DJing bug on a trip to Ibiza in 1988 and subsequently getting encouragement from Fabio and Carl Cox. He started putting out records in 1991 with early tracks including 'Jepron' and 'Never Try The Hippodrome' (with DJ Gemini) and formed his own Easy Records imprint in 1995. The original of .44 Mag first came to my attention as a fourteen year old when it was included on Drum & Bass Selection 5 but since getting hold of the remixes on vinyl I've always preferred this version. It opens with half speed 'Sesame Street' drums and the siren-like guitar sound from UFO's 'ESG' that has been used on hundreds of hip-hop records. Over this Phantasy samples the "All I got is a .44 Mag / Fucking with me you'll go home in body bag" vocal from Tim Dog's charmingly titled 'Silly Bitch' along with gunshots and a simple bassline. He also adds Clint Eastwood's famous line from Dirty Harry: "Given this is a .44 Magnum the most powerful handgun in the world and would blow your head clean off, you got to ask yourself one question. Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?" The main body of the track features 'Think' drums and a tough 808 Kick/Reese combination making up the bassline with the aforementioned samples appearing frequently throughout before the breakdown brings in the distinctive vibrato chords from the original. A hard hitting jungle tune that encapsulates the chaos and violence suggested by its vocal samples. Discogs link

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