Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bad Company - The Nine

Bad Company - The Nine (BC Recordings, 1998)

Bad Company were four producers who had collaborated with each other in various combinations before - dBridge and Maldini recorded as Future Forces Inc. on Renegade Hardware, while Fresh also worked with Maldini (as Absolute Zero & Subphonics) for the same label and with Vegas for Metro Recordings and Breakbeat Culture - but together they formed a drum'n'bass supergroup who had an immediate impact on the scene with 'The Nine', a track that has been voted the greatest drum'n'bass record of all time by both Kmag and Drum&BassArena.

Hearing 'The Nine', particularly in a club, is a similar experience to being on board an airplane preparing for takeoff - the low bassline simulates the drone of the engines while the drums give the track velocity as the plane picks up speed down the runway and you are pressed back into your seat. At the end of each each sixteen bar section there is a sudden lift as the bassline soars over stuttering drums giving you the same sensation as the moment the plane leaves the ground, a feeling of near weightlessness. An incredible track that is still regularly played today and perfect for double dropping as you can hear in this clip. Bad Company would go on to produce many other classic tracks but this remains their greatest moment.

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