Saturday, 9 February 2013

J. Majik - The Lizard

J. Majik - The Lizard (Infrared, 2000)

After looking at the first 'Tramen' smasher yesterday I thought I'd have a look at a later use of the break in combination with the Reese bassline. Jamie Spratling had been on the scene since the early nineties and released some early tunes as Dexxtrous on Lemon D's Planet Earth label (before he became aware of DJ Dextrous and changed his moniker). So it is not too surprising that he joined the plethora of producers putting out hardcore influenced tunes around the turn of the millennium.

After a moody intro with some light percussion J. Majik brings in the ascending synth stabs from Outlander's 'Vamp', a classic Belgium techno tune on R & S Records, accompanied by a vocal sample that is impossible to make out. The track builds in intensity before introducing a pounding Tramen/Reese combination with a higher pitched bassline providing a nice counterpoint particularly when the synth stabs are mixed in as well. Credit for this tune should also go to Danny Jay, who co-wrote several of J. Majik's tracks during this period including 'Solarize' and 'Spaced Invader'.

You can hear a more recent use of the 'Vamp' stabs on The Prodigy's 'World's On Fire' from 2009.

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