Thursday, 28 February 2013

Alibi & Leo - The Don

Alibi & Leo - The Don (Foundation Records, 1998)

I know almost nothing about who was behind this release but remember it getting quite a bit of play on London pirates such as Rude FM back in '97. According to Discogs, Alibi & Leo were Anton Bate and Leo Prince and Foundation Records put out seven releases between 1998 and 2000 and appears to have been based in Milton Keynes. I seem to recall 'The Don' being a favourite of Nicky Blackmarket and Leo also had a couple of releases on his Kartoons label. I rather coveted this tune back then and eventually found a copy on a record shopping trip to Camden sometime late in 1998.

'The Don' starts off with a looped saxophone sample before bringing in a simple two-step beat. The "Westside, Eastside... Hit me with your best one... Take it from The Don" vocals are from Ice Cube and appear on 'Men Of Steel', a Shaquille O'Neal track also featuring KRS-One, B-Real and Peter Gunz which appeared on the soundtrack to O'Neal's appalling 'Steel' movie. The track has a nice squelchy bassline and while not being the most refined of tracks it was certainly capable of moving the dancefloor back when it was released although I guess it hasn't aged all that well.

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