Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Aphrodite - Style From The Darkside

Aphrodite - Style From The Darkside (Aphrodite Recordings, 1996)

Gavin King took his name from the Aphrodite club in Leamington Spa which he ran back in 1988. He started putting out records in the early nineties as part of Urban Shakedown, most well known for the Ce Ce Rogers sampling 'Some Justice', before setting up his own Aphrodite Recordings in 1992. By the mid-nineties he was releasing hip-hop heavy jump-up with a polished sound which eventually led to albums for Richard Branson's V2 label and big name remix commissions for everyone from Holly Valance to Nine Inch Nails.

'Style From The Darkside' typifies his approach, cutting together several lines from Erick Sermon's 'Bomdigi' throughout the track including "It's the way it goes down", "Drop the Funk" and of course "My style... from the Darkside". The intro has what sounds like a moog synth riff with the 'Life Could' break dropping in and out before a big drum roll brings in a lively Reese bassline and a Hot Pants/Life Could break with added claps and bongos to give the track plenty of momentum. Aphrodite would later remix the track as 'Dark Dark Side' on Private Plates Vol. 1 as well as including a '99 remix on his debut album, but the original remains my favourite version.

Check out this frankly bizarre attempt by an orchestra to recreate 'Style From The Darkside' or head over to Aphrodite's Soundcloud where there are dozens of tracks and mixes to stream and download.

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