Saturday, 23 February 2013

Ed Solo - Step Back

Ed Solo - Step Back (Double Zero, 2000)

Ed Solo started out in the mid-nineties with releases on Emotif and was part of the Click 'n Cycle duo with label boss Dave Stone. In 1998 he began working with Brockie, producing some big dancefloor tunes for the DJ's Undiluted Recordings label such as the massive 'Represents'. Here he returns to Emotif on their Double Zero sublabel, presumably named after the year it was begun. They put out ten 10" releases with artwork that formed a picture of an insect-like creature when put together.

I'm a sucker for the old skool revival sound and the appropriately named 'Step Back' always does it for me. It features hardcore-style synth stabs over simple two-step beats with a couple of well known vocal samples. The "Do It Now" line is from Catch 22's 'Boogie Down (Do It)', a hip-house tune that has been sampled many times over the years with notable examples being Kaotic Chemistry's 'Drum Trip II' and Bizarre Inc's 'Playing With Knives' ("Dance while the record spins"). The other "Let's Go" vocal instantly recalls The Prodigy's 'Everybody In The Place' and was originally from MC Duke & Merlin's 'Freestyle Part 2', which you can hear if you have Spotify here. Although 'Step Back' isn't the most original of records it is a nice little tune which should always get the crowd going.

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