Wednesday, 6 February 2013

DJ Shadow - Six Days (Bad Company Remix)

DJ Shadow - Six Days (Bad Company Vs. Fresh) (Island Records, 2002)

I couldn't think of a better way to end this unplanned DJ Shadow mini-series than by featuring a track by the man himself in the form of the Bad Company remix of 'Six Days'. The original appeared on his second album, The Private Press, and was also released as single but it seems this remix was initially done unofficially, as reveals:

"James Lavelle was in a club and heard the mix, which had been pressed onto a dub plate for friends of the remix team. Shadow and Lavelle loved it, and went to great pains to find the parties involved so the track could be licensed for wide distribution."

It subsequently received a one-sided promo-only release from Island Records and you can hear the tracks bootleg origins in how it just uses the first verse, the only one that appears in the original before it adds marching band-style drums, suggesting Fresh didn't have access to the individual parts. The remix starts off with a large portion of the original practically untouched, opening with the strings from The Salvation Co.'s 'The Revival' before a tremeloed organ riff with bass and drums taken from Dennis Olivieri's 'I Cry In The Morning' come in. This is accompanied by the "At the starting of the week, at summit talks you hear them speak..." vocal from Colonel Bagshot's 'Six Day War' and it's over a minute until Fresh adds a beat along with a rolling bassline. It is a fairly restrained track by Bad Company's standards but this suits the atmosphere of the original and while it does later add a more typical gritty synth riff, it is fairly low in the mix.

DJ Shadow is actually a big fan of drum'n'bass as demonstrated by several of his selections for The DJ Shadow Remix Project which you can download for free from his website. He would also later contribute to Fresh's Escape From Planet Monday album on a track entitled 'Closer'.

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