Sunday, 3 February 2013

Subnation - Scottie

Subnation - Scottie (Future Vinyl, 1993)

This track, a perfect example of the darkcore style, is a jungle classic which was way ahead of its time. I've always seen 'Scottie' as part of an unofficial triumvirate along with Johnny Jungle's 'Johnny' and Remarc & Lewi's 'Ricky', all three using significant amounts of dialogue from movies centering around a male character's name. In fact some remixes of these tunes reference each other, most notably on Pascal's remix of 'Johnny' which opens with shouts of both "Scottie" and "Ricky".

Over haunting synths 'Scottie' features several dialogue extracts from the horror classic 'The Evil Dead', including "Is there a way around the bridge", "We're all gonna die, all of us" and "We're not going to die, we'e going to get out of here", as well as the eponymous "Scottie" and demonic laughter. The true genius of the track though is the drum programming with 'Cold Sweat' used as the main break, often played in reverse, with a heavily chopped 'Amen' giving the track plenty of momentum over the simple bassline.

The track has been remixed several times including Ray Keith's 'Scottie III' which adds the opening chords from the 'Star Trek' theme in the intro. The brilliant video below uses Subnation's own remix of 'Scottie' with the dialogue synced to scenes from 'The Evil Dead' (not for the faint of heart). A nice little touch is the overlaying of the 'Scottie' vinyl label on to the reel to reel tape recorder which is very cleverly done.

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