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H.M.P. - Runnin's

H.M.P. - Runnin's (Frontline Records, 1995)

H.M.P. were Thomas Hogan (AKA Hardware) and Pascal with the name standing for 'Hardware Meets Pascal'. However, it has a double meaning as it is also an acronym for 'Her Majesty's Pleasure', a term often used in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth for serving a life sentence in prison. This is hinted at on the remix on the flipside entitled the 'Lifa's Mix'. Hardware had a few releases for Face Records, Pascal's previous label with Sponge, in 1993-94 before being involved in early days of Frontline Records, but went rather quiet after the duo's lone outing as H.M.P. in 1995.

It begins with a heavily chopped 'Sesame Street' break, using just two hits, with a familiar vocal sample stating "We gonna do a song... that you never heard before". This was an introduction to 'Chained and Bound' on Otis Redding's live album Good to Me: Live at the Whisky a Go Go, Vol. 2 and became a hip-hop staple after being used on Double Dee & Steinski's seminal 'Lesson 3 - The History of Hip-Hop Mix'. Hardware and Pascal actually sampled it from James Brown's 'The Payback Mix' by Coldcut, you can hear the same James Brown screech in the middle. To this Hardware and Pascal also add a guitar twang and vocal from the beginning of Augustus Pablo & King Tubby's 'Corner Crew Dub' with both samples appearing throughout the track. The main portion of the track alternates between the chopped 'Sesame Street' break and some rough 'Amen' action along with a nice 808 kick bassline.

Classic material that is available to purchase from Beatport. The track also received an Origin Unknown remix on the Frontline/Ganja Records compilation Still Smokin that is also available to purchase digitally on the recently released Playaz Digital Vol. 5.

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