Monday, 18 February 2013

Marvellous Cain - Hitman

Marvellous Cain - Hitman (IQ Records, 1994)

Today sees the release of a new Bladerunner remix of Marvellous Cain's 'Hitman' on RIQ Yardrock Records (the joining together of IQ and Runninz Records). This track also had several remixes back in the day including ones from DJ Hype and The Dream Team, but I'm going to take a look at the original from 1994.

'Hitman' uses several samples from the cult 1981 film Babylon, including the track's main screeching riff and reggae loop as you can hear in this clip. The background track is Johnny Clarke's 'Babylon', produced by Jah Shaka who plays himself in the film using a Synare 3 to create the sound effects over the top. Several vocal samples are also taken from the film including "Get Mash Up" and "Play that bloody jungle music all night". The other major sample is the "See-mi-mi-mi-mi-mi see de hitman ah come" vocal from "Limb by Limb" by Cutty Ranks, which apparently got Cain into a bit of trouble although he managed to settle the matter by doing a couple of remixes for Cutty. The track uses a couple of breaks, opening with the 'Sandy' break originally from Supreme DJ Nyborn's 'Versatility' before directly sampling the Amen from Renegade's 'Terrorist' - you can even faintly hear the Reese bassline underneath. A jungle classic that absolutely tore up the dancefloor.

Listen to a snippet of Bladerunner's remix below. The track is available to purchase from Beatport, Juno and all good download stores.

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