Friday, 15 February 2013

Ben Grimm - Dogz On Da Set

Ben Grimm - Dogz On Da Set (24 Karat, 1996)

Yesterday brought the news that rapper Tim Dog had died of a seizure following a struggle with diabetes aged just forty six. He rose to prominence in 1991 with the Dr Dre/NWA diss track 'Fuck Compton' and went on to release several albums including collaborations with Kool Keith and KRS-One. However he had been in the news more recently for pleading guilty to charges of grand larceny following an online dating scam in which he conned a woman out of $32,000 and was sentenced to five years probation, a case that was covered on Dateline NBC last year. His records were well sampled by drum'n'bass artists so DnB 365 pays tribute with a look at 'Dogz On Da Set'.

Ben Grimm was one the many aliases used by brothers Joe and Tobi Brodie who ran the Smokers Inc. label and whose 'Col' Rock Stuff' (as B-Jam) I covered last month. 'Dogz On Da Set' begins with the opening chords of Roy Ayers Ubiquity's 'We Live In Brooklyn, Baby', a sample used by many hip-hop artists including DJ Shadow on 'Hindsight' (check my DJ Shadow series). It makes extensive use of Tim Dog's Snoop Dogg diss track 'Bitch With A Perm (Rottweiler Mix)', sampling the line "Dogs on da set, motherfucker" in the intro as well as several other lyrics throughout including "He try to flex on the D-O-G". It also samples a vocodered "Dog" originally from George Clinton's 'Atomic Dog' but probably taken from Snoop Dogg's 'Who Am I (What's My Name)?'. The track is in the jump-up style with a rolling reese bassline accompanied by regularly shifting drums which include the 'Think' and 'Cold Sweat' breaks among others and has a nice mid-section where the reese is broken down into short stabs with tightly edited drums. Another quality tune from the Smokers Inc. crew.

Trivia fans: 24 Karat was run by Facs who also designed the label's logo and covers.

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